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Hi Joe,

I just wanted to take a minute to write you and tell you how inspiring I find your writing. I have been reading Spiritual Marketing, and I find it helps immensely to keep me focused and positive. I recently discovered your blog and have been visiting daily to see what new little snippet you may be offering up.
Take care Joe,

Keep inspiring (not that I need to tell you :-)

Jonathan Timar
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Limelight - http://inthelimelight.net


My name is Heather Durgin, and I live in Maine and first saw you on the movie 'The Secret'.
For some reason, out of all of the teachers from the movie I was drawn to you the most, and a month or so later I bought 'The Attractor Factor'. After reading it twice I gained quite a lot of insightful knowledge, however after a few months I was still not harnessing the law of attraction. Its not that I didn't believe in the law- I just could't understand what I was doing wrong.
Then I got an email from you at Mr. Fire. com offering 'The Missing Secret' at 1.00 trial period for a month and acted on it. I will admit I looked through your various clearing programs and wanted very much to buy them, but my current financial situation was bleak, so 97.00 seemed a bit steep- but that was about a month ago. I know it was The Divine offering the email to me TAKE ACTION to buy this.
So I did. And I listened to the WHOLE program- all 6 discs twice and filled out the workbook, and things seemed to be getting WORSE for me, and I was so frustrated with myself, but I started over and put the first disc in for the THIRD time, and all of a sudden, like MAGIC I realized what was holding me back- like a movie playing back in fast motion I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD WHY I WAS NOT HARNESSING THIS POWER. I did not feel like I deserved it because of feelings of guilt from my past. And After I really listened to your program for the third time all of this insight came pouring in at once. I was shaking and crying from the realization of all of this, and thoroughly exhausted. It seemed like I was sleeping or in denial my whole life of my own subconcious feeling and beleifs. My Concious mind was telling me I deserved it but until I AWOKE I didnt realize that my subconcious was telling me I didn't feel worthy.
So, Joe, I feel extremely compelled to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. Had it not been for these techiques, I would never have had this revelation. 97.00 does not seem like enough for the help I have paid hundreds for over the years to no avail. You are priceless. THANK-YOU!

-Heather Durgin
Hiram, Maine.


"An outpour of sheer & utter Gatitude for you, Joe.

My Dear Mentor Joe,
I just want to heartily, profusely & endlessly thank you.
I have been admiringly following you for a decade. I recently went on
rampage of listening to your audio programs ( even "The Missing
All I want to - most lovingly & reverently - say from the very
epicenter of my heart & being – where the Divine resides is this:
Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!
You are a Great man. You don't realize it. You have such positivity & Greatness.
History will always remember you as a key luminary of our times. Who
significantly raised the Consciousness of Humankind….. to that of
Peace, Love & Possibility.
I am honoured & infinitely grateful to the Divine to have been
exposed to you....& to have you as a Master. Not just a teacher.
And that too a wise, fun & positive Master. Even though we have
never personally met.
I am exhilarated & inspired by your Greatness.
I am lifted by your Greatness.
I love you.
You have stirred & awakened my Mammoth & Luminous Being. My hidden Greatness.
Not knowing how to express my magnanimous adoration for you.
Thank you, Master. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I Love you.
Blissful Peace, Love & Happiness your way,
Ibrahim Chaudhry

PS. May all your dreams manifest & may Beautiful &  
       Magical things happen to you. Amen."


John P Berling wrote:

Dear Suzanne:
I got an e-mail from the Pauley’s that linked me to your website about this book earlier this morning. My older brother Terry had just given me a copy of the “The Attractor Factor” to read the end of last week and I am 50 pages into it. I have been enjoying volume 1 so much that I called the local Books a Million and drove over and got a copy of the second edition a little while ago. Here is where it gets interesting. I have been lifting weights again for about six months after a 20 year lay off. I have a lot of free weight equipment at my home, but recently decided that I needed a preacher curl and decline bench to do all the exercises that I want to do. While driving home from Books a Million, I see a preacher curl / decline bench combo sitting on the edge of the road in front of an empty house that is being re-modeled and simply picked it up. The new book has not even been opened and I am experiencing good things.

Please thank Joe Vitale for me.

Best regards,
John Berling
Pensacola , Florida

Aloha Joe,
I so wanted to say Mahalo for your awesome books and especially Zero Limits/Ho'oponopono book.I am still reading it and my sister ordered the stickers for me. Much, Much Mahalo's"

- Me Kealoha Starina Leilani

Hello Joe,
I finished reading and listing to your book and audio book Zero Limits. Thank you.
I was so grateful it came my way. I also purchased your Zero Limits event with Dr Hew Len. WOW!
After my studies it has left me with the desire for more knowledge.
I first saw you on the Secret and I know out of all the teachers, Divinity has inspired
me to follow you. I hope one day soon we will meet.
I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.
Best regards,
Roxanne Parker

Joe, you always bring such profound insight into my life.

Even though I've read most of the dozens of books you've written over the
years, even though I practice almost all of the techniques you describe,
even though you are one of my closest friends with whom I discuss topics
like these, I still have to admit that I learned so much from your new
Awakening Course.

Wow! You have pulled out all the stops with this one. Your heart and soul
are clearly in this course with the intention of helping everyone - no
matter where they are in their life.

For someone who has never stepped onto a path of self-realization but is
trying to decide what route to take, they need look no further than the
Awakening Course.

For those of us who do our best to live in an awakened state every day,
your course is the perfect reminder that reinspires and renews us with
fresh ways of approaching our practice.

Thank you, Joe. Thank you so much.

P.S. I hope you have a fantastic miraculous seminar. I wish I could be

Victoria Belue Schaefer
Owner and COO
Pedal Ranch Productions
Pedal Ranch Publications
400 River Road
P.O. Box 2048
Wimberley, Texas 78676
512 847-6397

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